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by - 9/13/2014

Hey guys!
I am this "lucky" person who get ill on second school week, doooh.
As you can see above I finally check out bloglovin, and you know, I really like it.
So, if you never heard about it or never use, check it out here. 

All this week I was watching series, and nothing more. But thanks to I don't know who, but I get my inspirations back and I have some great ideas for you!

Today I wanted you to introduce to my new article, which will come every Saturday, I named it #InstaFF (like Insta Fetching Fashion) , so it will be some pictures from my instagram and some exclusive from it :D



1) Grunge me chillin with best friend and we were so happy about warm weather
2) Meet the swan? Checked.
3) Some spoilers from new blog post about oodt
4) Celebrate new school year start with delicious cake
5) Fast morning selfie before school, and I'm still into cross
6)  Oh, find this picture, I have so long here there  <3

so, that's all
have  a great Sunday

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