nude & cozy & naked

by - 1/25/2015

Sweather - Primark
Necklace, trousers, shoes - from here

Helloo everyone!
Happy to see all of you in 2015, hope you have briliant start.
And you know, every time when I think that I will close my blog, there something changes in me and new inspiration for this blows in me. 
This is some post from november, with my lovely friend Ieva ( we changes our clothes for this, like I choose outfit from her wardrobe and she from mine).
And I found briliant pieces that matches so perfectly for my mood. Yes, this isn't black, but I feel so much hormonie in this. Shoes are so amzing and comfortable, and I love this necklace soo much!
So hope you see in my new posts, because (as I say) I HAVE INSPIRATION FOR ALL OF YOU!



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2 коммент.

  1. This outfit is so pretty! I tagged you to take part in the Take Back Whats Yours Campaign! You can find more information here

    XOXO, Susy

  2. Beautiful necklace