Disney dreams

by - 2/09/2015

Necklace, sweather - primark
shoes - H&M


I changed my blog design ( yeah, again), and I like it so much better, because it isn't so colorful now, but pretty simple. So. 
Todays post is about a simple look with cute pieces.
Okay. I love jeans. And this one are short, ripped and with Mickey!
How I ever can love something more.
BUT. My favorite detail in it is skatebord. This reminded me myself at age 14, when me & firends ride around on this, and this was so great. We listened to Avril Lavigne and we didn't care about what others going to say. 
Oh, and some time ago I arrived to my friend bd and found this board at her house, so I just grab it and ran outside with camera to share this with you guys.
And now playing Avril Lavigne - Here's to never growing up and I'm writing this post.
What was yours fave music at your 14?


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4 коммент.

  1. Cool jeans!


  2. Зачиталась твоим блогом. Очень интересный и красочный. А ты - выглядишь прекрасно! Буду рада дружить :) Заходи ко мне в гости :))


  3. cute outfit, love the jeans :)
    lets follow each other! just let me know and I will follow back :)

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl

  4. i've just found your blog, and I love your header desing, that dreamcarcher is so so beautiful :)
    cool outfit!