by - 4/12/2015

How are u?
Today I want to share with you some of my new in accessories for spring/summer.
Almost all things are nude & pastels, so it's perfect for making summer vibes right now.
So let's start!

1. gold necklace with roses - Primark
omg, I'm so in to it, I found a lot of looks when I can style this, because it's pretty big but these roses making it look girly & pretty.

2. 5 in 1 bracelet - Primark
This thing is perfect for summer. Mint, pink & light blue with gold & pearls honestly can be used almost to every outfit. It looks really pretty on hand. My hands are thin and most of bracelets which I like just is to big for me, but size of this fits perfect on my hand.

3. Necklace - Primark
Okay, this is probably most beautiful thing that I had bought. I'm not joking, its makes every outfit looks fabulous.

4. Charm - lip gloss - Primark
About being fabulous - this is it! This charm IS more than fabulous, maybe its looks to big and to pink, but it looks great with my keys! And now I will always see when my keys are + I will always use it like lip gloss, which is pretty fresh colour.

5. Necklace with charms  - Primark
It's my must have! I can wear it with everything, especially it looks cool with my choker. With I feel like a tumblr girl.

5. Little pretty thing for hair - Primark
This is beautiful to, and it looks so pretty on my dark hair. This is so perfect for white lace dresses & playsuits.

I hope you like this post!
Have a nice day everyone!



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  1. wowo I love what you bought =) It´s all awesome. Kisses from Spain baby =)

  2. I have nominated you to the Liebster Award tag because I think you have a really good blog! Check it out here:
    I would love to read your answers! :) Kisses!