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by - 4/16/2015

 Hello my lovely friends!
This post don't look like others, but I think it's still cute.
I am dreaming to blog more, but nope, my exams is already here.
Hope you guys are okay with this all school things.
Semester will end after month for me. Yeah, at 16 may this year it will be over.
Then only two exams left.
I'm wondering, how much time I spend to school trying not to fail tests, get better results to get in the good uni. But why?
I learn in the math-physic class but (honestly it's ridiculous) I do not like no math and no physic. I still think why I choose this way? I'm interested in history, literature and languages, so why I take opposite classes?
I choose it in the last day. Last day before school starts 3 years ago. 
Am I regretting it? 
I choose it. My choice. I learn a lot because of this choice. I meet wonderful people & been to amazing places. 

After some months I have to choose again. Now my choice will influence all my future. Says everyone.
But I don't agree with them.
It's really hard choice to decide what to do for me, because I am huge fan of comics & manga, but here in Latvia its not popular at all. We do not have such a good uni for animator or smth. 
I feel like I am in some box, trying to get more space for myself.

Why am I writing this long text?
It's a message for everyone to not afraid choose.
We are always winners. Maybe we don't win something we can touch ( which is one of the most important thing to people nowadays) but we get something better - experience.
We growth on it, on our experience.
  p.s. this pictures don't match this text so much but this is my bf's kitten - Nicky. So cute, I just can not share this pics with you!



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  1. Beautiful pictures, my dear!