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by - 8/11/2015

 1 me watching river || 2 & 3 river Aiviekste || 4 me smth happy about
Hey guys!
How are you?
Now you can call me student - from September I will start studying at RSU (Riga Stradins university). About what I choose to study I will tell you soon, guys, but for now it is our little secret.
I do not really not about whole world, but here, in Latvia, June & July wasn't HOT at all, maybe only some days, so this picture was taken about end of June and yes, I'm in plaid shirt + denim jacket and it's ok. Hot summer, huuh? 
These days I was relaxing with grandparents in countryside. And near that place is this beautiful, not big, but sill pretty river called Aiviekste. This place are so relaxing & calm, so it just gives you a lot of energy. 
And now - about NOW.
Guys, idk, if u notice, because I wasn't posting anything  about month ( and I am really REALLY sorry about).  but now I have new design. It's so simple how I like - just black&white. So I want to hear from - do u like it?
So I hope you are ok, and I will see you soon.


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  1. Lovely pics! And I'm sorry bout your not-so-hot summer. Well I hope you're enjoying your days in the countryside:) oh and btw I have nominated you for Liebster Award. (i like your music taste)