by - 1/04/2016

Cardigan - Zara
Dress - Quiz
Tights - Primark


Hello my darlings!
How you spend this amazing year?
Today is 4th January of 2016.
I hope your NY Eve was amazing, because my was! :D
I spent it with my lovely family and after midnight we were going to fireworks. This year everyone was letting fireworks, a lot of my neighbours too. Also me and my family were letting firework too. This was awesome!
Them I met my friends and I invite them to my house. 
To sum up, it was great to spent this time with my people.
That's why I want to wish to all of you to find (or if you have) people that makes you feel free and comfortable. The best feeling of  h a p i n e s s  is when you're happy because you've made somebody else happy. | unknown |

Few words about my outfit: 
I do not really believe horoscope, but it was said that the best colour of NY eve outfits is red, orange, yellow. As red is my fave colour I choose my red plaid dress. I think this dress is a bit edgy, and this super-soft-comfy Zara cardigan which makes this look a bit edgy. 
I hope you like it.

So I wish you all the best

Me -- Vicky -- Katya
Red necklace is gift, but that gold one is from Primark.

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