winter tale

by - 1/27/2016

Finally Latvia faced real winter with all benefits and cold, of course. Haha. Temperature falls to minus 16 (Celsius scale) today, but some days ago it was even - 25 .. - 28. It's pretty cold actually, but we're lucky that there was almost no wind, but only a lot of snow. It's pretty good and beautiful weather if you are dressed in 3 sweaters and wool socks, and if you're outside no longer than one hour. I usually go to uni (!spoiler alert! Big blog post about what am I studying is coming soon) by walking that's because I leave about 25 mins from uni and of course I'm about healthy lifestyle and it's really great that I can walk for my lectures and I don't have to cross half of the city as my classmates have to. So, few weeks for now I'm going to uni with bus in the morning, because its freezing outside! I'm so happy that my lectures ends in the afternoon so it isn't so cold outside and I can enjoy walk. Today I had lovely walk with my bestie, and I want to show you some winter pictures. I want to apologise about quality, I took this pictures with my phone, because I didn't plan to take pictures for blog, that's why I didn't take camera with me. Actually I planned a short walk with friend, but when I saw some views I just can't passed by without taking a photo. I hope you enjoy this post! How about winter in your country? xx

View from my window.

River Daugava

Some pictures seems to me so beautiful that I even don't have words to describe them.

I hope you like this pictures, have a great day!

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