first digital artwork

by - 4/30/2016

Hello everyone!
Recently I watched some YouTube channels about drawing, and I found something exciting. I liked drawing even before it, but now I started to like draw in photoshop. Actually, I started to learn how to draw in PS, in the drawing process. I got so much inspiration from those videos, that showed drawing in PS, so I finally started it too. It always looked so complicated to me, but actually again. there are one thing that is proved every time - it's all about start. And then, when you are started, it's up to you, practise and do it better or leave. Despite the fact, that I had end of semester in the uni, I try to spend some times with my hobbies.

So here you are my new artwork! I love Luanna P. from LeHappy, seriously, her sensce of style is so good. She is one og my favorite bloggers, and here we go, one of my favorite outfits thats she wore. 

I would be glad to hear comments from you!
see you soon 

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4 коммент.

  1. Very good

  2. The artwork is amazing! Good job!



  3. great blog! i really like this :)
    meybe follow for follow on gfc? your blog is awesome!
    kisses from poland :*

    1. Thank you!
      I like and follow you blog too ^^