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by - 9/20/2016

I hope all of you are alright.
Today I want to share with you some of my artworks - this one are made quite a long time ago, but still are quite cute. I gave all artworks to my bff as a present. (Full present looked like calendar, but I'll just show you the top of the each calendar page). So here it is.
All of this are made 9 months ago, and I thought that for you will be interesting to watch the progress (I personally hope that there is progress).
And one more note. I started to draw like 3 years ago in manga style. Manga style is still my fave, but now I explored a lot of new stuff, that I want (and probably will) share with you someday.
So let's go.

P.S. I will be really thankful if you will write in comments which arts do you like/dislike, and how are you about art idea on this blog? Do you want me to share with you more drawing stuff?

Hope you liked it, I will be glad about your feedback <3

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