some typical inspiration post again

by - 9/17/2016

Hello, my dear readers!
(I really hope here are some of them)

Also I hope all of you are alright and fine.

I always wanted a blog for myself. Like from the very first time I actually saw a blog. This blog was written by one Swedish girl, and she still writes it, but now I don't check it everyday, how I used to. So there was always something that stopped me from it. Yes, I made one blog, and now it's like about for 4 years, but there was time I always left this blog, and then comeback. So for now I actually realise main reasons why I don't blog regularly. One of the reason was(oh no, is) time. Second reason was quality. I always want to do what I do in the best way possible. But now it's hard to do it, because my camera is dead, and I can use only mobile phone to take pictures. So I always thought that it isn't good enough, but then I asked myself: Is blogging a thing I'm so excited about to do? Does it bring me joy? Finally I decided, to make the best what I can with the thing and possibilities are around me.
So I'm really sorry if quality sometimes fails me.

Please, if you have some opinion about taking pictures on the phone for blog, please feel free to write in comments!

I hope all us are alright
love you

And there are some picture of me and my fave cat Masya xx

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