UK post | part 1|

by - 9/22/2016

I hope you are alright!
Today I'm finally ready to show you how I spend my summer. Like the best moments.I spent all my summer in UK and this country is like one of my fave places ever. Although I wasn't in London, I still love UK. Since the first time I was in UK 6 years ago, I still fave this feeling, that UK is right place to be. I really love my country when I live, Latvia is wonderful. But UK is my love forever.

As I said I never was in London. Yes, it's sounds so funny, that I was like six times in UK and never EVER was in London. All this time I was in town called Blackburn, and I like it. It is big, not so big as many of towns and cities, but still big. And today I will show you my favourites places in Blackburn.

I hope you will enjoy this post,

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  1. Нравятся твои фотографии Англии.

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  2. Super post. : D <3
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    1. Thanks! I'm following you now! Like your blog, too!